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AlphaMind The Podcast: Exploring Trading & Investing Mindset

Steven Goldstein & Mark Randall

A Podcast on the behavioural, mental and emotional aspects of Trading & Invsting Performance. Co-presented by Steven Goldstein and Mark Randall, ex-market Professional with over 70 years markets experience between them. They discuss and explore the aspects of performance which help people develop and gain an edge in Financial markets. As the series grows, they will be interviewing market professionals and experts on a wide range fo themes related to developing an Alpha Mindset.

Recent Episodes

James Brodie – 3 Decades of Accumulated Wisdom of Trading, Markets, Behavioural Finance, Technical Analysis, System and Algo Building.October 19, 2019 Episode artwork Greg Gossett - 24 Years as a Retail Trader: Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started!October 12, 2019 Episode artwork JJ @vwaptrader1 - Interview Part 2: Getting to the Soul of the Retail Trader October 05, 2019 Episode artwork JJ vwaptrader1- Part 1: Wolf of Wall Street meets Retail Trading.September 28, 2019 Episode artwork Chris Tate: Top Aussie Trader talks about how to bring the best of your ‘Self’ to the Trading Game. September 21, 2019 Episode artwork Merritt Black discusses the harsh realities traders must embrace to help develop the consistency needed to succeed.September 07, 2019 Episode artwork Great Learnings from Master of the Markets: Musings on Our Recent Interviews.August 31, 2019 Episode artwork Mandi Pour Rafsenjani: Developing Traders from the Inside Out & Women in Trading. August 24, 2019 Episode artwork Clive Lambert: Technical Analyst to Hedge Fund, Investment Bank, Prop Trading FirmsAugust 17, 2019 Episode artwork Dr Brett Steenbarger: Ego, Trading and Spirituality.August 10, 2019 Episode artwork Garth Friesen: ‘A’ List Hedge Fund Manager shares his insights on Trader Mindset.August 03, 2019 Episode artwork Adam Nash: 3 Decades of Trading SuccessJuly 27, 2019 Episode artwork FX Trader Mark Hutchinson Interview : Growth Mindset in ActionJuly 20, 2019 Episode artwork Prop Trading & Market MakingJuly 13, 2019 Episode artwork Steven Goldstein: Trader Performance Coaching from Retail Traders to Hedge Fund Portfolio ManagersJuly 06, 2019 Episode artwork Military Grade Trading Mindfulness - Mark Randall Interview July 02, 2019 Episode artwork Growth Mindset in Trading: Developing a Mindset for Success. Ep.3June 24, 2019 Episode artwork Mental 'Edge' in Trading, with Mark Randall and Steven Goldstein. Ep.2June 13, 2019 Episode artwork An Introduction to AlphaMind: The Mental Skills of trading.May 13, 2019 Episode artwork