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The AlphaMind Podcast

Steven Goldstein & Mark Randall

Fascinating Conversations with People From the World of Financial Markets:-- In this series, we delve into the lives and stories of extraordinary guests whose experiences give us a fresh and powerful lens through which to understand the mental, emotional, psychological and behavioural challenges people face when encountering risk and uncertainty in financial markets.Market veterans Steven Goldstein and Mark Randall speak to people from a range of backgrounds, including experienced and veteran traders and investment professionals, analysts, psychologists, coaches, authors and experts in fields related to trading, financial markets and risk.Through these powerful, informative and insightful conversations, they seek to help people develop, cultivate and grow optimal mindsets for better performance and more effective and productive behaviour when engaged in risk taking activities.

Recent Episodes

Jon Macaskill US Navy Seal Commander: The Incredible Power of Mindfulness and Meditation.March 24, 2020 Episode artwork David Tait: Ex-Head of FX Trading at Goldman Sachs - Coping with Extreme Fear.March 16, 2020 Episode artwork David Tait: Fearless Ex-Head of FX Trading at Goldman Sachs - Life and Trading Cannot Be Separated. March 03, 2020 Episode artwork Nick Leeson: Rogue Trader 25 years On - His Story in His Words. February 24, 2020 Episode artwork Anthony Crudele: Successful Trading whilst Managing StressFebruary 18, 2020 Episode artwork Dr Daniel Crosby: Your Brain is Not Designed to Trade or Invest.February 11, 2020 Episode artwork Paul Wallace: From Air Force Fighter Controller to Trader. February 04, 2020 Episode artwork David Keller CMT: From Music & Psychology to Investing, Technical Analysis & Behavioural Finance. January 28, 2020 Episode artwork Simon Garcia: The Mental Battle ‘is the Battle’. January 21, 2020 Episode artwork Jim Simons: The Man Who Solved The Markets – With Greg ZuckermanJanuary 14, 2020 Episode artwork New Trading Year, New Trading You. – How to Be Better in 2020.January 07, 2020 Episode artwork Chris Cain: The Alpha Formula; High Powered Strategies to Beat The Market With Less Risk.December 10, 2019 Episode artwork Beat Nussbaumer: 35 years as an Investment Bank FX Trader. December 03, 2019 Episode artwork Nick Smith - EX Goldman Sachs FX Trader. Talks about how it is to be on the inside of the large firms, and the crossover between Sports & Financial Market Trading. November 25, 2019 Episode artwork The Trauma of Trading: A Personal Reflection on How Trading Can Suck Every Ounce of Self-Esteem From You.November 16, 2019 Episode artwork New York Yankees Performance Coach Dana Cavalea: Habits of a Champion. November 09, 2019 Episode artwork Benis Kumar : Using Behavioural Finance to counteract the impact of biases and improve Trading & Investment Performance.November 02, 2019 Episode artwork Carol Harmer: What she doesn't know about Technical Trading & Technical Analyst is not worth knowing.October 26, 2019 Episode artwork James Brodie – 3 Decades of Accumulated Wisdom of Trading, Markets, Behavioural Finance, Technical Analysis, System and Algo Building.October 19, 2019 Episode artwork Greg Gossett - 24 Years as a Retail Trader: Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started!October 12, 2019 Episode artwork JJ @vwaptrader1 - Interview Part 2: Getting to the Soul of the Retail Trader October 05, 2019 Episode artwork JJ vwaptrader1- Part 1: Wolf of Wall Street meets Retail Trading.September 28, 2019 Episode artwork Chris Tate: Top Aussie Trader talks about how to bring the best of your ‘Self’ to the Trading Game. September 21, 2019 Episode artwork Merritt Black discusses the harsh realities traders must embrace to help develop the consistency needed to succeed.September 07, 2019 Episode artwork Great Learnings from Master of the Markets: Musings on Our Recent Interviews.August 31, 2019 Episode artwork